Our vision on the industry

The aerospace industry is growing, proves to be pretty resilient to shock and will continue to grow in the next few decades. In fact the world fleet of aircrafts will double in 20 years! Most of this growth will come from smaller, so called single aisle aircrafts.

Passenger growth will also continue. Flyers want low air fares and lower fairs have proven to boost demand. Also flyers want more flexibility and direct itineraries. Which results in larger percentage of shorter flights and demand for smaller planes.

Low cost and ultra low cost airliners successfully respond with their business models to these trends and continue to grow and increase market share.

More and more people from emerging economies will fly more regularly and a great deal of passenger growth comes from the fact that consumers are spending more on travel and tourism.

The overall fleet growth and passenger growth rate we see in Asia, will continue to lead the world during the next 20 years!

Cabin completion

For the completion process of an aircraft cabin, different parties, with all different needs are involved. Like airlines, aircraft manufacturers or aircraft maintenance companies.

And within these companies different disciplines hold stakes with the choices being made.

Within airlines, procurement and engineering are looking for the best price and most efficient process of installations or maintenance. At the same time they need absolute reliability of all products meeting strict requirements and quality certifications.

Marketing is looking for the right flight and cabin experience for passengers and for branding possibilities that incorporate their branding and business concept in the aircraft’s interior. On a corporate level, business strategy may involve environmental responsibility and airlines will want to incorporate this in flight experience as well.

All of the players have a say and specific needs or requirements!

Traditional nature of the industry

The traditional, somewhat in maneuverable aerospace industry has traditionally been lagging when it comes to adopting innovations in cabin completion. But technological developments are evolving so rapidly that the industry can’t afford not to innovate more and quicker. Innovations are, of course, most interesting when they help boost the performance of the stakeholders. Like saving money, increase revenues or efficiency. Or enhance the right flight and brand experience or increase the sustainable character of flying. Which can also boost efficiency, like for example with light weight solutions.

IT innovations are also becoming more and more applicable to the aircraft cabin completion process and products. Block chain, artificial intelligence, big data and augmented reality can all have relevant applications.

Supply chain

The traditional ways of the branch are also noticeable in the sales process of suppliers to the branch. Especially as a newcomer it is hard to get inside and have the chance to present your propositions to airlines. Adding value here is important. But also having a warm network and knowing your way around helps a lot! Doors might open quicker and buyers might be more likely to take the time to hear you out.

So what can you do to boost your chances? Be game changing and new, updating your client on trends or cutting-edge technologies that will help his business. Making sure to meet all requirements and certifications as a standard, because reliability is key. Uphold high service standards when it comes to; smooth ordering and reliable delivery.

Specialist strategy

A Niche or specialist strategy in this consolidating branche, with mostly giants, is a good way to go. Bring innovations and knowledge on trends and cutting edge technologies which ultimately boost the most important performance indicators of the client. Being, like we explained above; Efficiency, Cabin Experience and Ecology.

Personal network

Of course, having the personal connections others don’t have, helps you fly ahead….

This is the kind of partner BOES Aerospace wants to be for her clients. For the airlines we want to be the linking pin to game changing and new innovations, updating our clients on trends or cutting-edge technologies that will help reach their business goals.

For innovative suppliers to this business we want to be the gateway to enter the market. Helping them penetrate the market faster and become more successful in their sales process.